Delivery & Shipping Policy

Delivery & Shipping Policy

At Navjyothtex we are committed to delivering your orders in time and in good condition, we use transporting services  to ship your orders.

  1. we normally Dispatched  your orders from our factory/warehouse  within 7-10 working days. However if your order is customized/Special Colour Assortment , dispatching  might take up to 12-15 days or in some cases, we may take longer, up to 20 working days, to dispatch  the order as we may have to procure it from our suppliers. If, for any reason, there is going to be a delay in shipping/dispatching because a item is out of stock or If there is an unusual delay in filling an order, we will notify you by e-mail.
  2. We ship on all week days (Monday to Saturday), excluding public holidays. and your order will reach you through the transport companies as per their delivery schedule and depending on the delivery address.(To some cities/towns, it can take up to 10-15 days from the time of pick up to deliver a consignment.). 
  3. we dispatched your order within time from our warehouse/factory  to transport companies only , not at your shop/door.  once we dispatched goods from our warehouse/factory to transport company after that all responsibility related to delivery of goods or any other depending  on transport company.
  4. After we dispatched goods we sent Consignment No or Billty  by post or  Email /Sms.  Please be sure to include the COMPLETE postal address  with correct business/firm name with the correct Contact number.
  5. Order in special colour assortment dispatching  might take up to 12-15 days. or some time we have not stock of all colour’s in this situation we


Shipping/Transport Cost :

  • All Shipping/Transport Cost bear or pay  by customer .in case of return all shipping/transport cost pay by customer. Navjyoth not bear any shipping/transporting cost.
  • Please also note that the shipping rates are weight based. shipping and handling rates are vary by differents transport companies .

Shipment and Tracking Details :

  • ALL Shipment done by Transport Companies /Services. we sent  goods by your selected transport company only.
  • You can trace your shipment on consignment no or billty no by your selected  transport  website. (if they work online) otherwise contact transport company.
  • For your comfort Navjyoth provide some transport companies website url. for trace your order clik here.

Delay in shipping :

  • Time to ship mentioned on our website against each item are indicative and approximate only and sometimes due to situations beyond our control, delays may occur as many of our products are process based. We expect this understanding from our customers . If, for any reason, there is a delay in shipping because an item is out of stock or if there is an unusual delay in filling an order, we will notify you by e-mail. If customer is unwilling to accept this kind of delay for his order ,in such a situation, we encourage our customers to select the next best option. If customers do not find an alternative which makes them as excited as their initial choice, we regretfully yet promptly refund the entire amount spent on the product .
  • However benefits such as some store credit to be used for future orders, free gift etc can be allowed on case to case basis.
  • However any dates for delivery are approximate only and we are not liable for any delay in delivering your order or any part of it. We may choose to deliver your order in separate parts . In some cases we may offer to refund you for unfulfilled part of the order.




 GST/  Custom Duties / Tax :

  • GST / Custom Taxes and Import Duties are not in our control. They vary according to the rules of different Sates and must be paid directly by the buyer.
  • As per goverment rule & regulations GST  included in our ordering process, if you want to get return of your GST please be sure give correct GST No. you give wrong GST No we will not responsible for this.

If you have any question about our shipping policies, please email us at or call us.